BSc (Hons) Global Sustainable Development


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Program Description

Starting 11th January, 2021

From January 2021, join MLA College, and your fellow students, to investigate the challenges that all our countries face, working in a global partnership to deliver peace and prosperity for all whilst maintaining the critical natural infrastructure that supports us.

Due to the present global situation with Covid-19, we have taken the decision, for everyone’s safety, that 2020-21 will be delivered online in a compressed format from Jan to July 2021.

Lectures will be delivered online, with ample opportunity for formative feedback, synchronous discussion through video conferencing, and as asynchronous debate through online forums. The range of new and exciting learning technologies that are now available will help deliver an experience that connects you to your tutors and fellow students, building a community of learning.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set bold objectives for us all, and recognise that when economic prosperity goes hand-in-hand with reducing social inequalities and the rehabilitation of the natural world, only then can we claim a sustainable future.

Join us, enhance the debate, question our approaches, and play your own part in transforming the world into a place that understands that our economic future, our health, our education, and much more are intimately linked with the well being of our planet.

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In your first year or level, you would ordinarily join us in the UK. Here we will take you through the building blocks, the concepts and theories that help you explore the complex world of sustainable development, and, at the same time, practice and improve key academic skills.

The second level will be delivered through distance learning and will allow you to start to specialise in line with your own interests and experiences. This level will look at the work that is developing at the intersections between the areas of economy, environment, and society. With subjects as diverse as sustainable fashion, citizenship and public engagement, and sustainable shipping and transportation, you will be able to delve more deeply into areas which fascinate you.

The final level asks you to put your learning into practice and work within your local communities to deliver work aligned to at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This experience will be crucial for your career – you will not just know the theory; you will be able to demonstrate that you understand, first hand, the real-world challenges of delivering a sustainable future. You will also study a number of units, of your choice, which focuses on developing areas of interest in sustainable development; from whole life assessments of a product’s environmental impact, to how businesses are beginning to place their corporate affairs on a sustainable footing.

You will close your time with MLA College looking to the future, thinking beyond the end of the SDG programme, and planning your role in leading the debate for the next generation.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all Member States in 2015 and provide a roadmap to achieving a “better and more sustainable future for all” by 2030. The SDGs seek to balance out the needs of nations to develop their societies against the concerns for the natural world which, perhaps, previous episodes of resource exploitation have overlooked.

MLA College’s innovative BSc (Hons) Global Sustainable Development programme is developed in collaboration with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research affiliated International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders, CIFAL Istanbul. The programme follows a pathway of activity that inculcates high expectations of study and research practice, leverages the power of open source solutions to allow those less economically able to participate in the understanding of their world, and then takes those lessons back out into their local communities to help them deliver, in ways small or large, against the UN SDGs.

Awarding Institution

University of Plymouth*

* Subject to validation 

Entry requirements

Flexible but normally between 104 - 112 points at A-Level, expected to include at least a pass at grade C in a science subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Geology, Environmental Science) and/or other numerate disciplines.  Applications from international students and those with no recent formal qualifications are welcome and will be assessed on an individual basis.


This BSc Sustainable Development course costs £9,250 (inc. VAT) per level,  and the programme comprises three levels.

The tuition fees include all the learning materials, full tutor support, assessment and certificates (where applicable).

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