BAS in Operations Management


Program Description

Create opportunities and play an invaluable role in any organization with an online degree in Operations Management from Oakland City University. In a time when business and personal ethics are more important than ever, the faith-based instruction this program provides allows graduates to perform with unshakable morals, ensuring that the businesses benefitting from their services are operating to the highest standards.

By equipping students with the techniques and best practices that cultivate continuous organizational improvement, OCU’s online Operations Management degree program produces successful professionals in all industries. If you want to become the resource organizations count on for long-term sustainability, our Operations Manager degree program will get you there.

Foundational Core (27 hours)

  • BIB 205 – New Testament Literature (3 hours)
  • BIO 105 – Environmental Biology (3 hours)
  • BUS 202 – Professional Presentations (3 hours)
  • BUS 320 – Business Statistics (3 hours)
  • ENG 101 – English Composition (3 hours)
  • ENG 102 – English Composition II (3 hours)
  • ENG 201 – Masterpieces of World Literature (3 hours)
  • HIS 103 – Contemporary World History (3 hours)
  • T 102 – Foundations of Online Learning (3 hours)

Business Core (36 hours)

  • BUS 101 – Introduction to Business (3 hours)
  • BUS 335 – Business Law and Ethics (3 hours)
  • BUS 440 – Internship (3 hours)
  • BUS 425 – Business Research Capstone Courses (3 hours)
  • MGT 201 – Principles of Management (3 hours)
  • MKT 201 – Principles of Marketing (3 hours)
  • MGT 310 – Operations and Facility Management (3 hours)
  • MGT 320 – Labor Relations (3 hours)
  • MGT 415 – International Business (3 hours)
  • HRM 301 – Introduction to Human Resource Management (3 hours)
  • MGT 430 – Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
  • MGT 435 – Strategic Management and Marketing (3 hours)

Quality Systems Concentration (9 hours)

  • MGT 452 – Quality Systems (3 hours)
  • MGT 453 – Six Sigma Principles (3 hours)
  • MGT 454 – Quality Management for Projects (3 hours)

Logistics and Product Distribution (9 hours)

  • MGT 450 – Supply Chain Management (3 hours)
  • MGT 452 – Quality Systems (3 hours)
  • MGT 455 – Logistics and Product Distribution (3 hours)

Criminal Justice Concentration (9 hours)

Unrestricted Electives/Transfer Credit (48 hours)

All of the courses in Oakland City University’s online Operations Manager degree program are designed to prepare students to excel, regardless of the industry they choose to enter. Plus, we’ve built our programs around the goal of making graduation more convenient and more affordable for all. Because of this, we offer our courses in flexible 5-week rotations, accept a higher number of transfer credits than other colleges and universities, and even allow you to earn credit for applicable work experience. With no hidden fees and convenient online coursework, fulfilling your educational aspirations has never been easier. Contact OCU today to learn more about our Operations Management program today, or apply today!

Last updated Nov 2017

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