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Program Description


The preàmbul of the Decree of the Government of the Principat d'Andorra of May 12, 2010, d'establiment del titol, established that the Bàtxelor in Catalan Language has a response to the need to adapt the previous degree in Catalan philology to the 'Current status of the connection and of the language studies to train professionals in basic connections related to standard Catalan and the specificities of the language of the country. For això, it is claimed that the title of batxelor in Catalan language, both its continguts, provides a theoretical and practical, multidisciplinary and general training, which is consistent with the specificity of the Andorran market and that gives the titles of a profile Versatile and adaptable to a more diverse job offer every vegada, something that per si mateixa justifies the need. Both claim that the title continued to be more well bought and valued for potential contractors.


Àmbits professionals

Article 3 of the Decree of the Government of the Principat d'Andorra May 12, 2010, d'establiment del title, establishes that the title of Bàtxelor in Catalan Language grants the professional competencies to exercise the tasques adapted to the following areas:

  • Private cultural organizations (foundations, consortia, associations, etc.) or public (national, regional, local): exercise of technical functions for linguistic assessment, preparation and revision of internal or public texts, even written or audiovisual, participated in actions of cultural projection, etc.
  • Educational institutions (public or private): exercise of the Catalan language teaching in formal training programs (primary, secondary or professional education) and non-regulated (adults, insertion, etc.).
  • Entities of written or audiovisual editorial production: exercises of design tasks and editorial production, which include reports on proposals or projects, follow-up and implementation of material.
  • Public administrations: exercise of technical functions in the area of public policies for the protection, planning and promotion of the Catalan language.
  • Professional lliure: exercici de les functions pròpies d'assessor linguístic extern.

Title Competències Formatives

The Decree of the Government of the Principat d'Andorra May 12, 2010, d'establiment of the title, establishes that the transversal and specific competencies of the Bàtxelor in Catalan Language are the following:

Transversals Competitions

  • CT01. Communicative competence, oral and written, in the own language and in d'altres. This competition includes both the analysis capacity and the speech synthesis.
  • CT02. Interpersonal and communication skills. It includes the skills consistent with providing information adapted to the needs of the interlocutor, establishing fluent communication, and being able to work in interdisciplinary teams and in xarxa.
  • CT03. Use basic strategies to prevent and resolve problems, conflicts and professionals.
  • CT04. Managing information, which implies close training, management, analysis, synthesis and use of information autonomously in a professional environment.
  • CT05. Know how to organize and plan one's own life and further studies.
  • CT06. Use and apply the information and communication technologies.
  • CT07. Be aware of the social, economic and legal repercussions of professional activities.
  • CT08. Learn autonomously, update myself and be able to delve into permanent connections.
  • CT09. Interpret and apply the coneixements d'acord with the values ètics.

Specific Competitions

  • CE01. Conèixer own cultural tradition, mainly Andorran and Pirinenca.
  • CE02. Identify the Marc de la Llengua, the theoretical antecedents and the original contributions, in studies or work.
  • CE03. Identify the relationships of linguistics with other human, social or experimental sciences and, at the same time, characterize the trets that distinguish it and sing it out with science.
  • CE04. Analyze the texts in Catalan and in other languages in the various structural levels.
  • CE05. Conèixer the history, the literary movements, the works and the main authors of literature in Catalan, which includes the literature produced in Andorra and the Pyrenees.
  • CE06. Analyze and comment critically and from a theoretical and comparative perspective on literary works, texts, speeches and phenomena.
  • CE07. Relate the literary texts to the seva social and cultural reality.
  • CE08. Connect with them that the various social and geographic groups establish with them.
  • CE09. Conèixer the process of training of the “literary languages” and of the modern standards.
  • CE10. Design and carry out language training and planning actions to term.
  • CE11. Conèixer and apply the basic principles of the didactics of the Llengua.
  • CE12. Apply the connections of language, literature, linguistics and language processes in specific activities in the areas of linguistic studies and cultural industries.

Structure of the Pla d'Estudis

First Curs - 60 ECTS

  • B0014-CAT Fonaments de les Ciències del Llenguatge
  • B0015-CAT Fonaments de Llengua Llatina
  • B0016-CAT Fonaments Històrics de la Lengua Catalana
  • B0017-CAT Fonaments de Llengua Catalana
  • B0018-CAT Introducció a l'Estudi de la Literatura

Segon Curs - 60 ECTS

  • B0019-CAT Elements of Morphology and Syntaxi Catalans
  • B0020-CAT Elements of Catalan Lexicology and Semantics
  • B0021-CAT Elements de Fonètica i Fonologia Catalanes
  • B0022-CAT Elements of Catalan Dialectology
  • B0023-CAT Medieval and Modern Catalan Literature

Third Curs - 60 ECTS

  • B0024-CAT Contemporary Catalan Literature
  • B0025-CAT Sociolinguistics i Polítiques Lingüístiques
  • B0026-CAT Acquisition and Learning of Català
  • B0027-CAT Assessorament linguístic i indústries culturals
  • Matèria de lliure elecció de l'alumnat

Accés i Admissió to the title

Profile recomanat d'accés

The personal profile that is recommended to access the Bàtxelor in Catalan Language is that of people interested in the world of philology in general and of language and Catalan culture in particular. It is recommended an instrumental command of the Catalan language of C1 level or equivalent that proves a good oral and written expression, together with a good capacity for synthesis, understanding, interpretation, reasoning and relating linguistic, literary and cultural phenomena.


The persons interested in the title must process the Application for Admissió eUNIV . It is not realitzen proves personals or interviews d'admissió. The elements objectius that are object of valuation are here:

  • Mitjana note of the academic record of the títol contributed by the accés: 1 point for Approval, 2 points for Notable, 3 points for Excel·lent and 4 points for Registration of Honor.
  • Official qualifications other than those covered by access: 1 point per each cot.
  • Professional experience: 1 point for each any accredited in l'àmbit dels ensenyaments.
  • Languages: 1 point for each language with accreditation level B-2 of the Marc Comú Europeu.
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