American Bachelor in Communication and Media


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Program Description

The Communication and Media degree was developed by the University of New York in Prague in response to the demand for graduates who understand the processes, effects, and implications of communication in the information age. It focuses on examining and understanding the dynamics of communication in language, media, and culture, within both theoretical and practical frameworks.

The program aims to assist students in becoming highly skilled, versatile, independent thinkers with the research, information literacy, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary for an advanced professional career, or further Master's or Ph.D. studies.

Creative interdisciplinary links are facilitated to develop broadly-educated individuals who are able to apply their knowledge, skills, and attitudes creatively and flexibly in wider cultural and social contexts.

5 Reasons to Study Communication at UNYP

  1. You will be immersed in a unique, internationally focused, multicultural educational environment that nurtures critical conceptual understanding and awareness;
  2. You will develop practical skills that will enable you to easily transition to one of the numerous and constantly growing communication professions;
  3. You will gain and cultivate research capabilities in the social sciences preparing you for study at the master's level.
  4. You will gain tolerance, adaptability, and flexibility from our inter-disciplinary, collaborative, and international learning environment;
  5. You will develop the understanding and skills necessary to become an adaptable, creative, and tolerant leader, making strong contributions to a social and professional environment that is characterized by convergence and change.


Career Value

The global emergence of new communication technologies, platforms, and industries has created an urgent need for skilled professionals who will work in these areas.

The explosion of career opportunities in the area of communication and media is not only evident but also one of the few fields seen as ‘recession-proof’.

Areas such as Public Relations saw virtually no negative effects on employment as a result of the global recession.

Our Communication and Media graduates enter the professional world and graduate programs as media-literate, creative, lateral-thinking problem solvers, for whom borders are increasingly meaningless.

Our alumni can be found in graduate programs in Australia, Great Britain, the USA, throughout the EU, and beyond. Those who opted to pursue a professional career can be found working in advertising, public relations, marketing, human resources, event management, corporate communications, media planning, copy editing, telecommunications, as well as for major online and traditional newspapers, television and radio stations around the globe.


This degree is awarded by the State University of New York, Empire State College. Students can also sit for Czech state exams at the end of their studies, and receive a degree from UNYP (bakalář - Bc.) accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.

This is a unique advantage open to UNYP students, who can graduate with two distinct academic titles, one from the USA and one from the EU, and therefore have opportunities to work all over the world.


Core courses include:

  • Media and Society
  • Global Communication
  • Public Relations Principles
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Communication Technologies
  • Media Law and Ethics

Elective courses include:

  • Mediation and Conflict Management
  • Advertising Strategies
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Visual Culture
  • Marketing
  • Surveillance and Society

Success Story

Martin Pavlíček, class of 2005 & MBA class of 2012 Co-Managing Director, Havas PR

Martin Pavlíček received his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Mass Media at UNYP in 2005.

Shortly after graduating, he took on his first career challenge by accepting a position as an Internal Communication Specialist at the multi-national energy company ČEZ. With a couple of years of experience under his belt, he returned to UNYP in 2007 to study a Master’s degree in Professional Communication and Public Relations, in the executive format. ČEZ soon promoted him to the critical position of Spokesperson and Social Media Manager.

“One of the greatest things about studying at UNYP is the people you come in contact with, and that’s what’s always kept me coming back. You meet people here from all over the world, and not just students – the professors also remain your friends and contacts for life.”

Hungry for more of the UNYP classroom experience, Martin returned again to UNYP in 2010 to study an MBA in Marketing. During this period he also made a great leap forward in his PR career, moving to the position of Corporate Communications Director at UNIPETROL.

Eleven years after he first came to study at UNYP, and with ten years’ experience in critical Public Relations positions, Martin has settled into a new position as Co-Managing Director, at Havas PR. In addition to this, he has once again returned to UNYP – this time to share his experience with students as a teacher of Public Relations.

Last updated Dec 2020

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