The Advanced Traders Mindset Course

  • Build A Mindset To Take On Any Obstacle
  • Develop Real Confidence, Make Money Trading
  • Cultivate Success In Your Trading & Life


  • Wondering why you keep making the same mistakes over and over again?
  • Constantly getting out of your winners too early?
  • Doubt you can make money trading?

Hi, I'm Chris Capre. I've spent the last two decades studying one thing — using Neuroscience and meditation to create a peak performance brain and mindset. During this time, I've been a broker on Wall Street, traded for a hedge fund, and been meditating every day. In this Advanced Traders Mindset Course, I'm using my last two decades of experience and training for one goal — to help you build a winning mindset & make money trading.

What You'll Learn in the ATM Course

The Advanced Traders Mindset Course is a 32 Lesson Video + Audio Based Training, which gives you the tools, strategies, and training to build a successful trading mindset.
  • Lesson 1: Neuroplasticity & Understanding Your Trading Brain
  • Lesson 2: The Whole Brain State
  • Lesson 3: Getting To Know Your Brain
  • Lesson 4: The Three Parts of Your Mind for Trading
  • Lesson 5: Mental +R For Trading
  • Lesson 6: The 3 Phases of Trading You Must Know
  • Lesson 7: The Self-Image, Performance & Your Comfort Zone
  • Lesson 8: The DA Method for Re-Writing Your Self-Image
  • Lesson 9: Isolating & Building Specific Trading Skills
  • Lesson 10: Avoiding Problem Focus & Solving Your Biggest Challenges
  • Lesson 11: Force Multipliers for Trading
  • Lesson 12: Building Your Own Mindset Program
  • Lesson 13: Rewiring The Negativity Bias
  • Lesson 14: Building Emotional IQ for Success in Trading
  • Lesson 15: Forging Mental Toughness
  • Lesson 16: Building A No-Limit Mindset
  • Lesson 17: Building A Mindset of Abundance
  • Lesson 18: Goal Setting for Success & Attainment
  • Lesson 19: Cultivating Success, Winning In Your Mind
  • Lesson 20: Bonus Lesson

Meditation Lesson Series

Tailored for trading, this 12 lesson series (audio based) begins with the foundational practice and works your way up through a progression.
Each lesson gives you a base, technique, and experience which builds upon the prior lesson.
Carefully created for trading, this series is built from my 6500+ hours of meditation practice, combined with my 15+ years of trading live money.
In literally a few weeks, you could physically have a new trading brain — one that is more focused, aware, mindful, clear, with greater pattern recognition and increased emotional IQ.

What You'll Get in the ATM Course

  • Get Lifetime-Access to the 20 Video Training Lessons, the private members' area, the Brain Vault, and all bonus video lessons.
  • Get Lifetime-Access to the 12 Lesson Meditation Series, and all future bonus meditation lessons, along with Q&A access to Chris Capre about the specific meditation practices.
  • Get Lifetime Access to our ongoing member webinars, going over key topics, new lessons, tackling your biggest challenges and providing ongoing lessons so the training never stops.
    * All webinars are recorded and made available for members

The Passion Behind This Course

Hi, I'm Chris Capre. I've been trading professionally since 2001. I've practiced yoga and meditation every day for the last 15 years, completed a 1-year meditation retreat and done almost 7000 hours of meditation practice.
I've been studying Neuroscience and Peak Performance for the last 20 years with one focus — to improve ones' brain, mindset, and life.
My goal with this course is simple — to change the way you think, trade and perform.
Without a doubt, the mind you come into this course with will not be the mind you leave with.
If you want to re-wire your brain for success in trading, join this course and change your life.
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