Advanced Diploma in Logistics Online


Program Description

The purpose of the Advanced Diploma (Logistics) is to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of logistics management for prospective students who are currently middle managers, or aspire towards middle management so that they can apply the principles of logistics management in their working environment.

To this end, the program makes provision for the development of knowledge and applied competence related to procurement, logistics processes and practices, project management, logistics research, global supply management, and quantitative techniques.


The inclusion of research methodology and a research project module, as well as a practical simulation module* in which students will be required to apply their acquired theoretical knowledge to current industry-related challenges, offers students the opportunity to balance theory, research, and practical application in their learning experience. *The practical simulation module will be a customized module with gamification elements focusing on their skills to apply the theory.

The exit level outcomes of the AdvDip (Logistics) program is aligned with level descriptors required on Level 7 of the NQF as students are required to apply theoretical knowledge to complex problems and to present such application as a well-structured argument using academic discourse. Each module in the AdvDip (Logistics) program contributes to achieving Level 7 level descriptors as students are expected to demonstrate an ability to:

  • Integrate knowledge of the central areas of one or more fields.
  • Identify, analyze, evaluate, critically reflect on, and address complex problems.
  • Manage processes in unfamiliar and variable contexts
  • Develop own ideas and express them using appropriate academic, professional, or occupational discourse.

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for this program will adhere to the University of Johannesburg’s Admission and Selection Policy which is current at the time of the registration for this program.

An applicant must hold a relevant NQF Level 6 qualification with Logistics as the specialization. Alternatively, an applicant must have completed the UJ bridging program for entering the Advanced Diploma in Logistics.

Required documentation:

  • A certified academic record and a certified copy of the highest qualification obtained.
  • An updated and detailed CV.
  • Proof of work experience.

The international equivalence of qualifications will be specified in the Prospectus.

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Reasons to Enrol in a UJ Online Programme

Our online programs are carefully designed to make earning an accredited university qualification possible for students from all walks of life.

Students benefit from the rigor and faculty instruction of a traditional program, made accessible online.

  • No travel required
  • 6 start dates per year
  • Pay per module
  • Fully supported
  • Work and learn

Compulsory modules – 128 Credits

  • Research Methodology (Logistics) (16 Credits)
  • Project Management (16 Credits)
  • Logistics Processes and Practices (16 Credits)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (16 Credits)
  • Quantitative Techniques (16 Credits)
  • Procurement (16 Credits)
  • Applied Logistics Processes and Practices (16 Credits)
  • Logistics Research Project (16 Credits)
Last updated Apr 2020

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