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A-levels are courses of study that allow students to get a feel for what a major in a certain subject might be like. Classes at these levels generally offer basic information in any given area and are ideal for helping students determine their chosen path of study.

What is an A-Level in languages? The subject of languages is essentially what it sounds like — the study of foreign and familiar languages. Students who pursue their A-levels in languages can expect to learn how to listen to, interpret, speak, read and write in a particular language. Languages that may be offered include French, Spanish, German, Greek, English and Latin, just to name a few. In addition to learning how to communicate in a certain language, students can also expect to learn about the history of a given culture. So students who study French can expect to learn about French history, while those who study German may learn about Germany's history.

There are several benefits to studying a language other than one’s own. For instance, bilingual and multi-lingual individuals typically have strong communication skills, are more understanding of others and possess accurate interpretation skills. Being able to effectively communicate in another language also demonstrates a greater aptitude for creative thinking and problem-solving.

How much one can expect to pay for an A-level in language varies. Costs depend on factors such as where a student plans to attend school and the duration of the course.

Individuals who are bilingual or multilingual can enjoy a number of exciting career opportunities. Because many companies are looking for individuals who can communicate with foreign entities, pupils of foreign languages can find growth and opportunity in numerous industries. Possible positions include but are not limited to marketing or sales director, publisher, healthcare professional, pharmaceutical rep, foreign diplomat, politician and many more.

Many learning institutions offer courses in languages, with some being online and some offline. Where you choose to obtain your education from all depends on your budget, schedule and location. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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The French A Level Course continues from the content covered at GCSE Level and is aimed at promoting the acquisition of four essential skills: listening to, speaking, rea ... [+]

The French A Level Course continues from the content covered at GCSE Level and is aimed at promoting the acquisition of four essential skills: listening to, speaking, reading and writing the French language.

This A Level Course covers the new linear specification aiming for exams in May/June 2018 or later years.

The course covers the following 8 units:

Unit 1: L’évolution de la société française Unit 2: La culture politique et artistique dans le monde français Unit 3: Literature choice: Albert Camus: L’étranger Unit 4: AS Listening, Reading and Translation Unit 5: L’lmmigration et la societé multiculturelle française Unit 6: L’Occupation et la Résistance Unit 7: Literature choice: Jean-Paul Sartre: Les mains sales Unit 8: Preparing for the A-level Examinations ... [-]
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