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Masters In Renewable Energy

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Online Part time 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Madrid Bilbao Valencia Sevilla + 3 more

The master in renewable energies IMF, aims to train professionals with the skills, knowledge and techniques to develop and implement renewable energy in different areas: administration, companies or energy industry. [+]

Top Online Master's Degrees in Global Energy. The field of renewable energy advances at an amazing speed, and still today, the first choice in power generation worldwide. We live in an ideal place to study a masters in renewable energy sources (RES) situation. Last year investment in renewable energies worldwide for the second year exceeded investment in traditional energy. The current energy framework implies the need for specialized professionals trained technicians with expertise in the energy environment. Experts who master the situation of energy sources and types of renewable energy (wind, solar, photovoltaic, thermal, mini hydro, biomass ...), financing lines, energy efficiency, and everything related to the world of renewable energy. The master in renewable energies IMF, aims to train professionals with the skills, knowledge and techniques to develop and implement renewable energy in different areas: administration, companies or energy industry. Companies seek technical increasingly need to put a business projects in the area of ​​RES. Therefore, the training program in renewable energy master MFI is designed in order to deepen their use, different uses, the technical feasibility of projects and the environmental impact of these. By studying renewable energies students get a specialization in the area and an approach to the design, development, installation and maintenance of generating facilities. Society and businesses are increasingly aware of the need to seek alternative renewable sources, either by corporate social responsibility or response to public opinion. For this reason, a wide range of professionals around the world of green energy business opportunities and opens. Begins at time and become skilled in renewable energy with the IMF graduate. Solicitous about the master in renewable energy online, an academic advisor will contact you to solve your doubts, talk price, scholarships or any questions you have about that is renewable energy or potential career opportunities in companies and institutions. WHY THIS PROGRAM This master in renewable energy enables you to: Design, develop and determine the feasibility of renewable energy projects. Dominate the Spanish laws, rules and regulations on renewable energies. Get credit lines and other existing aid. Mastering the main types of renewable energy, its applications and potential environmental impacts: wind energy, hydraulic, biomass energy, solar thermal, photovoltaics. Learn about other forms of renewable energy such as geothermal, Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Tidal. Develop a business plan in the field of RES, supported by the functioning of the economy, sales techniques and negotiation and constituent parts. OBJECTIVES Online Master in Renewable Energies (RES) Know in depth the current environment of renewable energies and acquire the skills, knowledge and techniques for its development and implementation in various areas, from the Administration, Enterprise and Industry. You will also learn to: Give an overview of the main Spanish legislation on renewable energy. Describe and analyze other forms of renewable energy (geothermal, tidal, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) Know the different types of biomass that exist and their characteristics. Know the basic characteristics of solar thermal energy and its main applications. Knowing the potential of the photovoltaic sector, with its strengths and its dependencies. Meet the functioning of the market economy, the determining factors for economic development, the characteristics of an entrepreneur and how to empower, sales techniques and negotiation, the Business Plan and its constituent parts. Be clear about the methodology used in the valuation of any type of project. Methodology and Evaluation METHODOLOGY IMF Business School master bet for renewable energy by a consistent methodology regardless of the student's situation. An Online Distance methodology or accessible anywhere. Online Methodology: online training, which promotes superior expertise through the virtual campus, where you will find the full agenda. Distance methodology: have training course content in book form. More than 80,000 students are the best guarantee of our methodology and its 5 basic pillars: Online classes: Live and delayed. Access online classes at times compatible with your personal or professional life through our e-learning platform. You can interact with teachers and classmates as if a business school classroom in question. All virtual classes are recorded and uploaded to the virtual campus so they can watch as many times as needed. Virtual Campus: multi - device access platform which allows you to access the agenda and download all the material. You can also perform case studies and self-assessment exercises, share knowledge and discuss in forums and chats or directly access your personal tutor. Tracking Tutorial: As a student of MFIs have access assigned a personal tutor who will accompany you throughout the academic year. You can set up e-face tutorials, resolve questions by phone, forums or chats whenever you need. Available also face tutorials. Virtual Library: The community of students MFIs have free access to the virtual library, with more than 9,000 bibliographic records the business world. Networking Events: All events months, masterclass and round tables with which students can expand their network of contacts with other students master in renewable energy, on par with the current industry are made known. EVALUATION Passing the Master in Renewable Energies is linked to overcoming continuous assessment throughout the course. The student must pass each module a combination of online exam and practical exercises, in order to release material. Obtaining titles IMF and Camilo José Cela University, accurate completion of each module. Career prospects At the end of our master you will be ready to serve as: Photovoltaic and wind designer of solar installations. Management technical operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic and wind installations. Responsible for mounts in photovoltaic power substations and wind farms. Specialist maintenance of solar photovoltaic and wind farms. Responsible for wind turbine assembly. Price and Scholarships In MFIs offer our students great payment facilities: Grant of up to 70% Financing up to 12 months without interest or bank intervention (see conditions) Payment: Cash (Discount 5%) / Payment by installments without interest [-]