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Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spanish universities regulate access to their own degrees and they fix the academic fees. They can also offer unofficial postgraduate degrees. The capital city Madrid has possibly the largest number of bars per capita of any European city and a very active nightlife.

Online Course in e-Business in Spain

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Spain Business School
Online Part time 6 - 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Spain Online

Postgraduates of 6 months in 100% online methodology in Spanish. Digital Marketing, Big Data, Social Media, e-Commerce, etc. [+]

Online Courses in e-Business in Spain. Nobody discusses the importance of the Internet and the digital world. Increasingly they are demanded professionals capable of leading multidisciplinary teams focused on the digital economy. The Superior programs in Digital Business (university graduate) through the right mix of general and specific knowledge, it allows students to acquire the skills to have a substantial competitive advantage in the development of their careers in the digital environment skills. Therefore, this program is the candidate to assume positions of leadership and responsibility in this new environment, learning more fundamental aspects and critical to develop a business strategy in a digital environment. Addressed to All types of professionals who require enter the digital environment and / or wish to acquire knowledge of the new digital market leading business today. It is designed for both profiles management level to middle management, technical profiles, independent professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc. Succeeding The upper Programs in Digital Business has the perfect combination of professionals and teachers to give a theoretical and practical nature and present the latest trends in the digital environment for students to achieve the best specific objectives of the program: Knowing, understanding and applying digital technologies Mastering search engine marketing techniques Meet the new social techniques Approaching trends digital environment Ability to measure and achieve results on actions Advertising in Digital Media Management of new digital customers Content Management It also aims to achieve the following overall objectives for all programs Business School Spain: Efficiently directing work teams Learning to make strategic decisions Develop a global and inclusive vision Change management and capture management skills Requirements  university degree or Professional experience Note: For double degree in Diploma in Internet Business, students must be in possession of a recognized degree. Otherwise the title will be obtained only graduate. Methodology The methodology is 100% ONLINE and in Spanish. All our courses have a strong audiovisual component that facilitates learning, with lectures by experts and their notes. In addition, it is complemented with a strong practical approach. Access to campus is available 24/7 (24 hours, 7 days a week) and forever. You will never be alone. There will always be a guardian to accompany you; in addition to the coordinator, the head teacher and the large community of students SBS. PROGRAMS: Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing Degree in e-Commerce Degree in Big Data Degree in Internet Business Degree in Community Manager Degree in Google SEO Degree in Google SEM, Adwords Degree in Web Analytics Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Advertising Online Degree in Strategy Degree in Mobile Marketing Degree in Digital Entrepreneurship Degree in Digital Management Skills More information on the website of the university And do not forget to apply for your scholarship. 'YOU CAN GET UP TO 40% OF PROGRAM !!! [-]

Upper Course In E-commerce: Online Business Model, Purchase And Payment Process, Web Promotion, Customer Loyalty And Legal Environment

INEAF Business School
Online Part time 150  Open Enrollment Spain Spain Online

Symbolized on the Internet, the information society and new technologies, represent a revolution in economic and legal field. The internationalization of operations and overcoming physical boundaries of the state make the Electronic Commerce is configured as one of the most powerful tools that the company has, with ever-increasing importance of trade ... [+]

Symbolized on the Internet, the information society and new technologies, represent a revolution in economic and legal field. The internationalization of operations and overcoming physical boundaries of the state make the Electronic Commerce is configured as one of the most powerful tools that the company has, with ever-increasing importance of electronic commerce and its impact on markets . Therefore, this Advanced Course on Electronic Commerce: Business Model Online, Purchase and Payment Process, Web Promotion, Customer Loyalty and legal environment, is ideal to acquire knowledge that set you in a privileged position in the market. GOALS Know how to define and develop the entire sales process successfully over the Internet. Plans, creates and develops an online business. Improves and optimizes your business online, applying the right techniques. Who should attend business, Advertising Agencies, Marketing and Communication Technicians, Specialists in Electronic Commerce, responsible for sites, perfect for people trained in Business etc.Complemento, LADE, Marketing, Design (both graphical and web) and Informatics. What you up This course will equip students with all technical and theorists in the field of e-commerce knowledge, giving it a solid foundation of all concepts, factors and aspects to consider when working with any online business model. Students will learn to move the variables that influence online marketing to its business strategy, so that it can optimize its resources to adopt at all times the action that best suits the needs of both the company and the Internet object your target audience. Description of Methodology Our method of study is based on the integration of formative factors and the use of new technologies. Our team has set itself the objective of integrating both areas so that our students interact with a VIRTUAL CAMPUS agile and easy to use. A platform designed to facilitate the study, where students get all the necessary support. Our methodology of online learning, fully oriented practice is designed so that students progress through the educational units of the different modules and perform the tasks (Practical activities, questionnaires, case records and assumptions reflection) that he will proposing along the learning path. At the end of their training activity, students will be able to transform academic knowledge in professional knowledge. Evaluation system INEAF training actions are structured in modules, consisting of teaching units, practical activities, seminars, forums and conferences, among others. Each module will be assessed separately according to the results of mandatory and optional tests proposals and valuations tutor. To overcome the various modules students will have to achieve a minimum level of understanding of the theoretical contents and implementing them in practical activities and in our "Supercaso". Resources (Platform Online 3.0, printed material, ...) In our quest to adapt learning philosophy 3.0 and encourage the use of new technological resources in the company, we have developed a Virtual Campus (Online Training Platform 3.0) exclusive art with a functional and innovative design. Among the tools available you will find: tutoring service, chat, messaging and virtual study tools (examples, practical activities -of calculation, reflection, development, etc., video examples and video tutorials plus "supercasos", covering modules complete and offer the students an overview on specific matters). The students will have unlimited access to the contents printed manuals in addition with the theoretical contents of each module, which will serve as support to complete their training. [-]