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In today's globalizing market, the need for strong, effective leaders to take the reigns of growing, multinational businesses and organizations has never been greater. Bachelor of Leadership students learn how to inspire and strategically shape people's behavior to fit with a common goal or mission. Whether for a future career in the public or private sector, in any industry, a Bachelor of Leadership program taken online can boost graduates' effectiveness and competitiveness when it comes to developing a successful, rewarding career. Bachelor of Leadership graduates go on to work as consultants, executives, managers, negotiators, human resources specialists, policy developers, and more.

For students who cannot travel to a university campus, or whose schedules will not allow a campus-based Bachelor of Leadership program, the online stud mode is an attractive alternative. Modern e-learning technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and continues to do so. Now, more than ever before, it is possible and highly effective for students to study from home or the office via the internet, using the innovations of forums, social networking, video conferencing, shared documents and much more to fulfill a range of learning requirements.

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Bachelor in Leadership Studies (Online)

Oral Roberts University
Online Full time September 2017 USA Tulsa

The leadership studies major is designed to emphasize inquiry, understanding, skill development, practice, and reflection. [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Leadership. The leadership studies major is designed to emphasize inquiry, understanding, skill development, practice, and reflection. Students in this major pursue a rigorous program of study in leadership theory, organizational communication, public and private sector leadership, church leadership, conflict resolution, ethics, and administrative theory. Drawing from various academic departments and schools in the university, the leadership studies major is for students wanting a broad base of knowledge. Housed in the History, Humanities and Government Department, this degree is designed to meet the educational goals of three types of students, those for whom the bachelor's degree is the terminal degree and, therefore, want their education to prepare them for all life's duties-public and private, those for whom the bachelor's degree is preparatory to certain graduate or professional programs and those for whom the University does not offer a major appropriate for their career goals. Career Options Students with a leadership studies degree find careers in professions such as law, government, business, journalism, teaching, and any field that requires knowledge of national and world events. Internship Opportunities - Tulsa Global Alliance - Compassion International - Dominion Farms (Kenya, Nigeria, Texas) - International Christian Concerns - Sustainable Tulsa - Congressional Offices in Tulsa and Washington D.C. - State Legislative Offices in Oklahoma City - Department of State - Political Campaigns [-]

Executive Bachelor's in Institutional and Educational Management

ABMS The Open University Of Switzerland
Online Full time Part time 1 year Open Enrollment Switzerland Zurich + 1 more

This Executive Bachelor (EBBA) in Institutional and Educational management course is made for students who worked directly after high school for at least 3 years in a managerial position, [+]

Advance Your Expertise at ABMS Connect with learners and leaders just like you in our online bachelor's programs. You will go as far as your mind will take you as a bachelor's student at ABMS. For Professionals The Executive Bachelor's of Institutional and Educational Management (eBBA) signifies the first level of achievement in any academic discipline. This Executive Bachelor (EBBA) in Institutional and Educational management course is made for students who worked directly after high school for at least 3 years in a managerial position, aat the end of Bachelor in Institutional and Educational management study program the graduates are expected to combine theory with practice and display a sound knowledge in the educational industry. Students are equipped with useful educational know-how to enter the labour market and contribute more effectively and efficiently to organizations within the educational field. This Executive Bachelor in Institutional and Educational Management study program is made and prepared by an university director in Switzerland who worked in 4 different schools and universities in Switzerland for many years. This program is designed to help students to understand how to run a school or college and how they can become a better managers in the Educational Field. Our Institutional and Educational Management study program will prepare you for today’s challenges to be a manager and to be able to solve problems you will face in any situation. Our Graduates will improve their capacity understand and communicate effectively with their students and work colleague, think Independently and work in a team to thrive in work situations. In our executive bachelor's programs, you will: Develop and practice innovative research methods. Earn the highest quality of education. Achieve the expertise to publish in peer-reviewed journals. Become a successful researcher and professional. The bachelor's will take your leadership to the next level. In our bachelor's programs, you will: Lay the foundation for future for studies and professional achievement. Study and apply innovative research methods. Combine applied research and professional practice. Prepare to make an impact in policy and practice. Learn strategies to facilitate more effective, adaptable organizations and create positive change. Become a more innovative leader in your field. We have 4 intakes per year: January, April, July, and October Study Language: this study program taught entirely in English. Modules: Institutional and Educational Management Finance and Accounting Global Marketing Strategies Strategic Business Management Developing Study Skills for Postgraduate Learning Designing and Developing a Website Decision and Management Support Systems Admission Requirements: Duration: 1 year Diploma: Executive BBA in Institutional and Educational Management Age: Minimum age 20 years Previous study: 3 years Management experience + High School Diploma or Associate Bachelor or equivalent English level: IELTS or equivalent (Only for students from non-English speaking countries or students who did not study at English speaking school) Study Method: Online Fee: 9950 Euro Note: Study fee does not include application and reservation fee (to guarantee you a study place) of 240 Euro (onetime payment and non-refundable). Executive Bachelor's with Honours (optional) Students who want to have an Executive Bachelor's with Honours must do just a thesis after finishing their EBBA study program and will be awarded a Executive Bachelor's (BBA) with Honours. Thesis length: 12000 words (students are allowed to have 10% more or less.) Duration: 4-8 months (average 6 months) Fee: 2900 Euro (only for ABMS Students who finished the Bachelor's program). What are the advantages? With an Executive Bachelor with honours, your chances in order to be accepted for the Master are usually higher and it will help you to find better job. If you dont want to do a thesis, you will be awarded the non-honours Executive bachelor's. [-]

Bachelor European Remote Management

Online Full time 3 years September 2017 France France Online Belgium Belgium Online Switzerland Switzerland Online Luxembourg Luxembourg Online Lebanon Lebanon Online Canada Canada Online Mauritius Mauritius Online Reunion (Fr.) Reunion Online Guadeloupe (Fr.) Guadeloupe Online Martinique (Fr.) Martinique Online French Guiana French Guiana Online French Polynesia French Polynesia Online + 22 more

The Bachelor Management allows the formation of entrepreneurs and managers in the areas of marketing, sales, finance and management. [+]

Top Online Bachelors in Leadership. The Bachelor Management allows the formation of entrepreneurs and managers in the areas of marketing, sales, finance and management. Thanks to his organizational skills, strategic vision and mastery of the major functions of a company, the manager manages the activity of a team, a department or a small business. It thus carries many responsibilities. ENACO allows you to prepare your Bachelor Management in a year. The European Bachelor Remote Management proposed by ENACO is a European level Bac +3 issued by the FEDE (European Federation of Schools). It gives 60 ECTS credits that allow then, for example, to integrate a European Masters, such as the European Master Management and Corporate Strategy proposed by ENACO. The Bachelor Management is accessible to persons with a level Bac + 2 or equivalent. A probationary period is included in your Bachelor European Remote Management. Over a period of 6 to 12 weeks, this course will allow you to put into practice the theoretical skills acquired during training. Concerning candidates employed in this field, the internship is not mandatory. You can also make your Bachelor Management alternately. You will be under professional contract in a company and pace of alternation will be defined with it. More information on work and training. This training can also be undertaken by the Continuous Professional Training devices. The European Remote Management Bachelor covers a wide range of skills that you will master the end of your training. You will be especially trained to: Definition and implementation of the strategy Team management Setting Goals Environmental Scan Development activities PROGRAM : The curriculum is designed to train students in the fields of management and business management, addressing the specificities of the European market. They are studying and the governance of a company, trade, communication, accounting, taxation, law and human resources. General Education vocational education Europe, uniqueness values, cultural diversity Corporate Communications - Business management: fiscal approach European integration and its institutions in the international context Business management: legal and accounting approach - Corporate management: governance Intercultural management and human resources Corporate Human Resources - Business Approach of the company LV1 (English, Spanish or Italian) professional defense test TRAINEESHIP : The training curriculum of the Bachelor European Management includes a probationary period of 6 to 12 weeks where the student is given a number of actions related to the Management. An employment related to the repository can also replace the internship. Candidates who do not have the opportunity to do an internship can support their memory on theoretical work. In this case, the memory project is determined in consultation with the teaching staff and the teacher in charge of monitoring that role will be to oversee the project. Students who work during training and in the field of specialty followed can bring their memory on their professional activity. MARKETS: Obtaining the European Remote Management Bachelor opens the doors of many trades. Below is a partial list of careers that are open to you once got your Bachelor: director Deputy director Policy Advisor Service Manager Sales manager Agency manager Subsidiary manager Regional manager Financial and Administrative Manager Administrative and Financial Relationship Management Project Manager Product Manager Leader Responsible for development [-]